JALT, International Programs and Learner Autonomy

IAFOR International Director of Programme for Language Learning, Professor Steve Cornwell interviews Dr Richmond Stroupe about his work with JALT and Learner Autonomy.

This interview starts with a brief introduction to The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) followed by a description of Soka University's international outreach programs and the impact it's having on bringing young scholars to Japan. Dr Richmond Stroupe then elaborates on his work with Learner Autonomy and his efforts to encourage teachers to implement its principles in the classroom.

Dr Richmond Stroupe

Dr Richmond Stroupe is the Chair of the Masters in International Language Education: TESOL Program at Soka University in Tokyo, Japan. He is professionally active in Japan, as the Vice President of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), with TESOL International Association in the United States through involvement in various committees, working groups and task forces, and in Cambodia with CamTESOL, as a member of the Advisory Board of the IDP Education sponsored Language Education in Asia publication, an internationally peer-reviewed online journal focusing on language education research and practice in the region.

He actively conducts workshops, publishes and presents on professional activities and research projects, which include the use of international standards as internal evaluative tools, teacher education practices, curriculum and professional development, and developing learners’ autonomy and critical thinking skills.

Dr Stroupe was a Featured Speaker at The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2016 (ACLL2016) in Kobe, Japan.

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