Now Published: Volume 6 Issue 1 of the IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities

IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities: Volume 6 – Issue 1
Editor: Dr Alfonso J. García Osuna, Hofstra University, United States of America
Published: June 26, 2019
ISSN: 2187-0616

Editor's Introduction

IAFOR Journal of Arts Humanities 6 1 coverThe heterogeneous academic background of the contributors to this volume not only celebrates the spirit of inclusion and diversity that guides The International Academic Forum (IAFOR), as reflected in this journal, but also reveals how stimulatingly comprehensive and innovative the journal’s scope has become. As will come into view when perusing its index, this issue is nurtured by ideas that originate not only from within the arts and humanities, but also from without the confines of its conventional spaces. The wide-ranging scholarly scope and diverse analytical methodology results in a thoroughly synthetic compendium that reflects a new, panoptic conception of the humanities’ role in contemporary culture.

With the contents of the present issue, it is hoped that the reader will find pathways to new insights into the cultural, philosophical, social and political issues of our time.

Best regards,

Dr Alfonso J. García Osuna

The IAFOR Journal of Arts & Humanities publishes original articles on all aspects of the arts and humanities; that is to say, we are interested in works that study and document the varied ways in which people methodise and endeavour to decipher the human experience. In seeking to direct the journal’s critical perspectives toward innovative and pioneering terrain, we welcome articles that take a diagnostic approach to the assumptions that have long predisposed the study of literature, philosophy, art, history, religion, music and language.

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