OSIPP-IAFOR Research Centre to Collaborate with the East West Center in Japan Foundation funded Fellowship Program

The IAFOR Research Centre (IRC) blog reports news of an exciting partnership with the East-West Center in Washington, D.C. The fellowship program titled “US-Southeast Asia-Japan Partnership in a Dynamic Asia” begins in January 2019 in Osaka, and will continue in Washington, D.C. through February and March.

Breaking new ground for IAFOR

This program is a very much welcome development for the IRC. It is the first residency fellowship the research center will be running at Osaka School of International Public Policy (OSIPP), and the first partnership with the East-West Center in Washington, D.C. It also breaks a new ground for IAFOR in being part of an activity receiving support from the Japan Foundation.


Osaka School of International Public Policy, one of Osaka University's 16 Graduate Schools, is home to the IAFOR Research Centre.

The trilateral program aims to nurture a fresh pool of experts on policy issues concerning U.S.-Japan relations and Southeast Asia. For this first year, six fellows have been selected – two from Japan, two from the United States, and one each from Malaysia and the Philippines. These young scholars and policy practitioners will form a core group focused on a common theme: How should the U.S., Japan, and Southeast Asia cooperate on trade, investment, and economic integration in Southeast Asia?

Nurturing young scholars from the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries

In residency, the fellows are expected to conduct their own research while taking part in activities aimed at fostering dynamic interaction among young professionals and graduate students from the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries, as well as engage professionally with the foreign policy communities of the United States and Japan. The fellows will have the opportunity to participate in policy briefings, visit relevant institutions and sites, and disseminate their research in seminars, conferences and publications.

The fellowship is supported by the Japan Foundation and the U.S. Embassy in Japan.

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