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The IAFOR 2021-2022 Overarching Theme – “Resilience”

Dear Friends and Colleagues, This is to announce that “Resilience” is the 2021-2022 overarching theme of IAFOR, and the frame through which we invite interdisciplinary reflection in and across our different programs and events through 2021 and 2022. Resilience 2021-2022 Resilience is the ability to resist being affected, or to recover readily from setback and


Why It Matters

IAFOR’s mission to promote international exchange, facilitate heightened intercultural awareness and encourage interdisciplinary discussion is actively creating beneficial outcomes for individuals and positively impacting global society. But why are these three key areas of focus so important? International Different countries operate under very different economic circumstances and political systems, and yet academic pools of excellence



Our Mission To promote international exchange To facilitate intercultural awareness To encourage interdisciplinary discussion To generate and share new knowledge Organisation International | Intercultural | Interdisciplinary Founded in 2009, The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) is a mission-driven politically independent non-partisan and non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange,