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Professor Frank S. Ravitch Michigan State University College of Law Japanese Constitution

Constitutional Revision in Japan: The Risks for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech

“It is up to the Japanese people to protect the freedoms they have come to value and which they have used in ways that benefit the entire world with Japanese creativity and insight.”

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Abenomics and the Three Arrows - Takeshi Komoto, JETRO New York

Abenomics and the Three Arrows

Mr Takeshi Komoto, Executive Director of the Japan External Trade Organization’s (JETRO) New York Office, discusses Abenomics and the Three Arrows of fiscal stimulus, monetary easing and structural reforms at The North American Conference on the Social Sciences 2014.

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Nationalism and the Three Arrows by Professor Joel Campbell

Nationalism and the Three Arrows – The Conservative Activism of Japan’s Shinzo Abe

Professor Joel Campbell of Troy University discusses the political history of Japan and how the Abe Government’s proclivity for nationalism and their Three Arrows economic strategy are affecting the nation.