The IAFOR Conference on Higher Education Research 2018 – Photo Report

Above left: Professor Leonard K Cheng, President of Lingnan University, Hong Kong, welcomes delegates to The IAFOR Conference on Higher Education Research 2018 (CHER-HongKong2018), before delivering his Keynote Presentation, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship at a Liberal Arts University? The Experience of Lingnan University”. The Conference was held in association with the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP). Above right: Professor Anthony Welch, of the University of Sydney, Australia, delivers a Keynote Presentation, “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Shift to the East”, to a packed room in Lingnan University, in which he detailed the massive increase in research and development budgets and output from China.

Above, clockwise from top left: Dr Xu Di from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, USA, gives her Featured Presentation titled “Value, Innovation, Entrepreneurship: An Ethical Perspective for Global Education, Research & Development”. Professor Deane Neubauer from the East-West Center, USA, and co-director of APHERP, gives a Featured Presentation on “Recalculating Higher Education in the Asia Pacific Region within the Emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Professor Catherine Montgomery, University of Bath, UK answers questions following her Featured Presentation on the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on education. Professor Yuto Kitamura, The University of Tokyo, Japan, gives a Featured Presentation on “The Impact of Internationalization of Higher Education in Asia on Cooperation Among Diverse Stakeholders: International Cooperation to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation”.

The IAFOR Conference on Higher Education Research - Photo Report

Above: APHERP celebrates the moving of its secretariat from the East West Center (Hawaiʻi, USA) to Lingnan University (Hong Kong) with the unveiling of a ceremonial plaque at CHER–HongKong. The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) was excited to partner with APHERP for this event. After this successful conference, IAFOR is looking forward to future opportunities to work with APHERP.

The IAFOR Conference on Higher Education Research (CHER-HongKong2018)

Professor Ka Ho Joshua Mok, Vice-President of Lingnan University (top left), and Dr Joseph Haldane, Chairman and CEO of IAFOR (top right) deliver closing addresses following the plenary sessions. The two both expressed that the conference had been a great success, and that they enjoyed seeing so many scholars from around the world coming together in international, interdisciplinary academic pursuits. Bottom left: A trio of musicians from Lingnan University entertain delegates at the welcome reception. Many delegates noted they enjoyed the opportunity to network at the Welcome Reception, and that the music helped to create a relaxing, informal atmosphere. Bottom right: Detail from the CHER–HongKong Programme.

The next IAFOR Conference on Higher Education Research will be held November 8–10, 2019, at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

More Information:

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