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Writing in the news pages of The Japan Times, Kazuaki Nagata reports on the one-day Symposium at The IAFOR Global Innovation & Value Summit 2018 (GIVS) which took place in Tokyo, Friday, October 5, 2018.

The event saw an unparallelled line up of business leaders, industry experts, notable Japanese entrepreneurs and leading figures from government and education. The conference considered questions of innovation and value, and there was a special focus on innovation ecosystems in the global, regional and local ecosystem of Japan.

At the Symposium, The Japan Times described how collaboration and cooperation were recognised as key points for innovation by many of the plenary speakers. In particular, cross-industry collaboration, and cooperation between large corporations and startups was widely recognised as a spur for innovation. top business leaders pointed out that although innovation often occurs in tech industries and startups generally, it can also take place in long-established companies, some even centuries old. Masao Hosoo, President of Hosoo Corp., a producer of traditional Nishijin-ori (a kind of traditional textile) for more than 300 years, described how the firm uses artificial intelligence and new production methods to market “the most beautiful silk textile” to new international markets. He added, “We have to spur innovation in order to create new products and services that can be marketed globally”.

The Japan Times goes on to mention how notable Japanese entrepreneurs, Sachio Semmoto, who co-founded DDI Corp. in 1984 (now KDDI Corp.), and Oki Matsumoto, founder of major online brokerage Monex Group Inc., spoke about identifying the next big wave, and also how collaboration is a key to innovation. Other notable keynote speakers at the event were Yoshimasa Hayashi, H.E. Dr Toshiya Hoshino, Motoko Imada and Yuzaburo Mogi.

IAFOR’s media partners for the event were The Wall Street Journal, Harper Collins and J. Walter Thompson Intelligence. The corporate strategic partner was J. Walter Thompson Japan.

Read the full Japan Times report of The IAFOR Global Innovation & Value Summit 2018.

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