Dr Sarah Louisa Birchley


With an undergraduate degree in Geography, an MA in Education (TESOL) and a Doctorate in Education, with a focus on Management, Sarah Louisa feels extremely comfortable working in an interdisciplinary environment. She teaches courses in Organisational Behavior, Professional Skills, Global Business and Management at Toyo Gakuen University, Japan. She is also the Japan representative for GlobalWelsh, an organization working to harness the power of the Welsh diaspora to facilitate inward investment in Wales and the development of the next generation of Welsh entrepreneurs.

Dr Birchley’s research fields include, Transnational Entrepreneurship including Diaspora Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education, and Education Management. Her most recent research is concerned with Japanese self-initiated expatriate entrepreneurs working in Southeast Asia, where she and her colleague, Kazuko Yokoyama conducted research supported by a Japanese Government Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 2017-2019 (JSPS 17K03948) in Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Results of this study can be found in her recent publication, Transnational Entrepreneurship: Japanese Self-Initiated Expatriate Entrepreneurs in South East Asia, published by Springer (2019).

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