IAFOR and the University of Barcelona announce “Democracy and Immigration” workshop at CEAT

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) and the Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies (CEAT) at the University of Barcelona, an IAFOR Institutional Partner, are happy to announce the workshop Democracy and Immigration: The Cases of Catalonia and Australia to take place on May 30–31, 2019 at the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Philology at the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona.

The purpose of the workshop is to have an academic debate on the concept of democracy and the problems which massive immigration have originated in democratic societies, and to discuss the state of affairs in both Australia and Catalonia, two very different countries with similar realities.

The workshop will deal with five broad fields of study:

  • History: the development of democracy in Europe and Australia, citizenship, immigrant rights, immigration policies, etc.
  • Language: sociolinguistic context, mechanisms of integration or exclusion through languages, linguistic transmission.
  • Literature: author origins and presence of immigration in literary works.
  • Education: educational experiences with immigrants, development of didactics, “reception rooms”, etc.
  • Science, Health and Medicine: diseases, medical resources, problems and solutions.

Official languages: Catalan, Spanish, English.

IAFOR’s collaboration with the University of Barcelona has been fruitful and very successful over the last three years. The IAFOR International Conference on the City and The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies were held at the University of Barcelona between 2016 and 2018. Some of the workshop convenors spoke on a featured panel on the political situation in Catalonia at The IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies 2018 and their papers will be published shortly in the IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies.

The CEAT convenors aim to host the upcoming workshop, Democracy and Immigration: The Cases of Catalonia and Australia, in the same international, intercultural and interdisciplinary spirit as these previous events and look forward to receiving you in Barcelona on May 30–31, 2019.


Isabel Alonso Breto (CEAT, University of Barcelona) alonsobreto@ub.edu
Montserrat Camps i Gaset (CEAT, University of Barcelona) mcamps@ub.edu
Martin Renes (CEAT, University of Barcelona) mrenes@ub.edu

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