IAFOR Partners with RECSIE on the Summer Institute on International Education, Japan (SIIEJ2021)

Summer Institute on International Education, Japan (SIIEJ2021)

The 4th Summer Institute on International Education, Japan (SIIEJ2021) is an online event organised by the Research Consortium for the Sustainable Promotion of International Education (RECSIE), in association with the Institute for Innovative Global Education at Kansai University and Toyo University, and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), The International Academic Forum (IAFOR), and a long list of related organisations and institutions.

The conference offers a variety of training sessions and seminars for faculty and administrative staff whose work underpins university internationalization. Over the course of a series of workshops and sessions, participants of SIIEJ2021 will exchange views and gain the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of international education, as well as building networks which span boundaries between individual universities.


With increasing workloads related to university internationalisation, global human resource development, and international student recruitment, it has been pointed out that there are delays in addressing international admissions, analysis of the results of study abroad and the internationalization of campus environments and curricula. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought international educational exchange to a major turning point. International educational programs will become more creative and innovative than ever before. In this context, with the aim of providing FD for faculty members and development and training (SD) for staff, we will hold a research conference for faculty members who support internationalization as follows. This year's conference, the fourth of its kind, is organized by the Research Consortium for the Sustainable Promotion of International Education (RECSIE), with the cooperation of the BRIDGE Institute, the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research project, and other organisations. RECSIE has also asked for support from JAFSA, the Japan Association for University Administration and Management, the Japan Association for International Student Education (JAISE), and other related organisations and institutions.

Event Dates

*FREE* Saturday, July 17
Registration Period: June 24 – July 12
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Thursday, August 26 – Friday, August 27
Registration Period: June 24 – August 6
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The Keynote session is *FREE*

*FREE* Saturday, October 23
Registration Period: June 24 – October 8
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Saturday, November 20
Registration Period: August 7 – November 1
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Makoto Watanabe, Sayaka Kankolongo Watanabe, Kamihito Takeuchi, Elspeth Jones, Jeremy Breaden

Envisioning Fundamental Value of International Education

Thursday, August 26, 2021 13:15–14:45 (JST UTC+9)
Makoto Watanabe, Vice President, Chiba University
Sakaya Kankolongo Watanabe, Founder & CEO, NPO WELgee
Kamihito Takeuchi, President, McKEN Career Consultants Ltd.

Internationalism in Higher Education for Society

Thursday, August 26, 2021 15:00–17:30 (JST UTC+9)
Elspeth Jones, Emerita Professor of the Internationalisation of Higher Education, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom
Jeremy Breaden, Associate Professor, Monash University, Australia


SIIEJ supporters include IIGE, Toyo University, AIEA, JAISE, JUAM, UMAP, JAFSA, Bridge Institute and Eiken

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