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Dr Clementina Cardosa Hing Chao IAFOR Interview

Sino-Japanese Relations: An Interview with Hing Chao

“In Conversation: Sino-Japanese Relations: History, Martial Culture, Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Interdisciplinary Research” – an Interview with Hing Chao IAFOR has been given the exceptional opportunity to host an interview between Executive Chairman of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holding, Hong Kong, Hing Chao, and Director of CIHRC Research and Development, Hong Kong, Clementina Cardoso. Their conversation,

IAFOR, Lingnan University and APHERP Co-Host CHER/ACLA 2019 in Hong Kong

IAFOR, Lingnan University and APHERP co-hosted The IAFOR Conference for Higher Education Research (CHER), and The Asian Conference on the Liberal Arts (ACLA) in Hong Kong

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Dr Angela Wong Wai Ching Hong Kong Resistance Movement

From Minzhong (民眾) to Juzhong (聚眾) – The Rise of the Multitude in Resistance

Dr Angela Wong Wai Ching explores the possibilities of conception and re-conception of the multitude as a resistant force in late capitalist societies like Hong Kong.