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ACAH/ACCS/ACSS2024 Conference Report

Conference Report and Intelligence Briefing: ACAH/ACCS/ACSS2024

ACAH/ACCS/ACSS2024 took place from May 23-27, 2024 and welcomed over 550 delegates from more than 50 countries from around the world.

Professor Toshiya Hoshino UN Japan

Second Silk Road Roundtable Concentrates on Issues of Security and Sustainability

The IAFOR Silk Road Initiative had its second roundtable meeting today, attended by a group of academics from around the world, and chaired by Osaka University OSIPP-IAFOR Research Centre co-director Professor Haruko Satoh, and attended by Professor Toshiya Hoshino, now Japanese Ambassador to the United Nations. Professor Hoshino had delivered a keynote situating the contemporary

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Lowell Sheppard The HOPE International Development Agency

Individual, Community and Society: Conflict, Resolution and Synergy

Lowell Sheppard, Asia Pacific Director of the HOPE International Development Agency, presents a personal perspective on the makeup of conflict and how it can spark transformation.