Sino-Japanese Relations: An Interview with Hing Chao

“In Conversation: Sino-Japanese Relations: History, Martial Culture, Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Interdisciplinary Research”

– an Interview with Hing Chao

IAFOR has been given the exceptional opportunity to host an interview between Executive Chairman of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holding, Hong Kong, Hing Chao, and Director of CIHRC Research and Development, Hong Kong, Clementina Cardoso. Their conversation, titled “Sino-Japanese Relations: History, Martial Culture, Cross-Cultural Exchanges and Interdisciplinary Research” will be presented exclusively at The 11th Asian Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS2021), held concurrently with The 11th Asian Conference on Cultural Studies (ACCS2021) from June 03 to 06, 2021.

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Speaker Profiles

Hing Chao

Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings, Hong Kong

Hing Chao Hong KongPursuing a cross-sector career, Hing Chao has been active in arts and culture, heritage and education, as well as international shipping over the past two decades. In the business sector, he has been at the forefront of thought leadership for maritime development within the Greater Bay Area, being also the founder of the Greater Bay Area Maritime Forum, the deputy chairman of the China Sub-committee of the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, and a trustee of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

In the arts and culture sector, Hing is widely known for his pioneering and wide-ranging work on martial arts, including the creation of “Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive”, the largest martial arts archive in the world, which he co-founded with Professor Jeffrey Shaw (City University of Hong Kong) and Professor Sarah Kenderdine (EPFL). He has also created several ground-breaking martial art exhibitions, most recently “Way of the Sword: Warrior Traditions in China and Italy” (2021). Since founding Hong Kong Culture Festival in 2015, he has been driving innovation in cross-disciplinary artistic partnerships – involving martial arts, dance, music, and new media arts – in Hong Kong.

He has also made significant contributions to the research and revival of endangered nomadic hunter-gatherer cultures in Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang province, through the activities of Orochen Foundation (which he founded in 2004). Its efforts include creating the most comprehensive Orochen music archive, “Orochen Cultural Preservation Project” (in partnership with China National Museum of Ethnology), as well as preserving community oral history among North Tungusic groups in Hulunbuir.

He is the executive chairman of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings, the executive director of International Guoshu Association and Institute of Chinese Martial Studies, the founder of Hong Kong Culture Festival, and the founder of International Martial Studies Conference.

Clementina Cardoso

CIHRC Research and Development, Hong Kong

Dr Clementina CardosaClementina M. Cardoso works within the tradition of British Government and Policy Studies, across the Social Sciences disciplines and uses comparative methodologies. She held research grants from the European Commission and the National Science, Research and Technology Council of Portugal and has produced research on comparative central government policy and political and economic philosophies; comparative methodologies; market-oriented policies, funding and financial management; the involvement of commercial organisations in service provision and management and partnership governance.

She has lived in Japan, Portugal, the United States, England, and Hong Kong; is fluent in English, Portuguese and French, reads and speaks Spanish and Italian, has elementary knowledge of Chinese and starters knowledge of Japanese. She completed her PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and held positions at University College London Institute of Education. She has also been a European Commission Research Fellow at the LSE, an Associate Fellow at the University of Lisbon and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Bristol Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

She has been advising and teaching professionals and students within the public and the private sectors on models and values of public and private sector financing, resource and people management and systems of governance and she is currently working on indicators produced by international organizations and on the interface between technological and human development within and across nations. She has an interest in the History, Culture, Philosophy and the Arts of China and Japan.

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