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ACAS2020 Design and Democracy Panel Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Design and Democracy

In this IAFOR/Konrad Adenauer Foundation co-organised presentation, panellists Bruce Brown (Royal College of Art, UK), Saito Nagayuki (International Professional University of Technology, Japan), and Ryuji Yamazaki-Skov (Osaka University, Japan), talk about the intersection of design and democracy from their respective backgrounds.

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Richard Roth Attica Prison Riots

History, Story, Narrative: Covering the Attica Prison Riots

Professor Richard Roth speaks about his own experience as a rookie reporter covering the Attica Prison Riots – coverage which earned him a 1972 nomination for the Pulitzer Prize.

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Testimonies of Light: Photography, Witnessing and History

In his Keynote Presentation at ECAH2017, Dr Paul Lowe from the University of the Arts London discusses how the photographic image has engaged with the historical moment, from its inception in the mid nineteenth century to the present day.

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BBC Media Action Media for Emergency Response Jon Elford

BBC Media Action

As part of The European Conference on Media & Mass Communication 2015 (EuroMedia2015), IAFOR President, Dr Joseph Haldane, conducted a panel discussion and Q&A session with Jon Elford of BBC Media Action.

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EMMY Winning Producer Professor Gary E. Swanson

Journalism, Academics and Chinese Media

Three-time EMMY award-winning producer, Professor Gary E. Swanson sits down with Dr Joseph Haldane to discuss his career in journalism and his experiences as an academic in China.

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Brent E. Huffman Medill School of Journalism Saving Mes Aynak

Documentary Journalists on the Front Line

“In this golden age of documentary filmmaking, documentary films now dominate the narrative landscape on television and online bringing in millions of viewers.”

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IAFOR International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary

IAFOR – International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) brings together influential academics and decision-makers from around the globe who have one thing in common: a desire to make a difference.

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Professor Gary E. Swanson IAFOR Media Mass Communication

Technology: It’s Impact on Media and the Way We Communicate

“From how we eat to how we travel and work to how we entertain ourselves, technology has become an integral part of our day.” Gary E. Swanson discusses the ways technology has changed how we communicate and interact with one another.

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Professor Richard J. Roth Northwestern University USA

Journalism and Life in the Middle East

Professor Richard J. Roth of Northwestern University discusses journalism and life in the Middle East with three time Emmy award winner and IAFOR Conference Chair, Professor Gary E. Swanson.

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IAFOR Documentary Film Award – Winners 2014

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) proudly announces the winners of this year’s IAFOR Documentary Film Award at The Asian Conference on Film & Documentary 2014.

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Barry Natusch Beryl Hawkins Senkaku Diaoyou territorial dispute

A Corpus Stylistics News Story Analysis of a Japan-China Faceoff

Professor Barry Natusch and Professor Beryl Hawkins give an in-depth analysis of the Japan-China, Senkaku / Diaoyou territorial dispute at The Asian Conference on Media and Mass Communication 2014.

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Alec Klein IAFOR The Medill Justice Project

Investigating Wrongful Convictions around the World

Professor Alec Klein discusses the role the Medill Justice Project has played in the investigation of wrong convictions and the promotion and expansion of the Journalism Justice Network.

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Actress Jenna Stern on Creative Pluralism: Embrace all your Passions

Creative Pluralism: Embrace all your Passions

In her Keynote Presentation at The IAFOR North American Conference on Media, Film, and Cultural Studies, Jenna Stern discusses the value of “Creative Pluralism” – having the ability to pursue multiple passions while staying focused on your main goals.

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The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) and Interdisciplinarity

IAFOR & Interdisciplinarity

Learn how IAFOR’s conferences and publications encourage interdisciplinary activity and its expansion in academia.

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Hosam Katan wins IAFOR Documentary Photography Award

IAFOR Documentary Photography Award – Winners 2015

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) proudly announces Hosam Katan from Aleppo in Syria as the Grand Prize Winner of the IAFOR Documentary Photography Award 2015.

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IAFOR Conference Highlights

Why join an IAFOR conference?

A look into the international, intercultural and interdisciplinary world of an IAFOR conference and why you should attend. Featuring footage shot at our conferences and interviews with leading academics.