Eye Magazine – Issue 4 – Summer 2014

Posted: July 18, 2014
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Eye Magazine is now out of production, replaced by IAFOR’s online magazine, THINK, The Academic Platform. This past issue of Eye Magazine will remain freely accessible and available to read on this page. To submit an article to THINK, please visit the submission page.

PDF version of Eye Magazine Issue 4.

Editor: Michael Liam Kedzlie
Assistant Editor – Copy Editing and Layout: Lindsay Lafreniere
Original Design: Thaddeus Pope
Eye Magazine is published under ISSN: 2187-8935 issued by the National Diet Library of Japan.

About this issue of Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine Issue 4 cover

Eye Magazine – Issue 4 – Summer 2014

Welcome to the Summer 2014 edition of Eye Magazine, the International Academic Forum’s own in-house e-magazine publication. To us at IAFOR, Eye is a place for you to focus and to share interdisciplinary knowledge and research synergies. Its aim is to provide opportunities for the latest research presented at our conferences and subsequently published in our various official proceedings and journals to be available to a new and wider audience beyond our own research silos. It, of course, is also the place to go creative and go interdisciplinary with your own original thoughts, essays, and opinion pieces. We, the editorial staff, trust that this edition of Eye Magazine will be an informative, interesting and exciting way for us to communicate with you, and you in turn with us.

In this latest edition I wish to thank those contributors who have kindly written articles and submitted photos to make it all happen and to make it an interesting and vibrant read. This edition has some fabulous articles ranging from Joel Campbell’s superb study of Star Trek and its synergies with International Relations, through to Craig Mark’s exposition on the contemporary political event trends within the Asian region and to Stuart Pickens’ staunch defence of the rights of Japanese to worship at Yasukuni Shrine. This edition also has an insightful update by Nicholas Benes on the recent policy initiatives regarding corporate governance in Japan. It is also a pleasure to publish Greg O’Carroll’s experiences leading the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars to the base camp of Mount Everest.

Eye Magazine has had the opportunity to interview a large number of people over the last few months. Due to issues of space we could not immediately publish everyone for this issue, however we were fortunate to be able to provide for you in this Summer edition interviews with leading photographer Paul Lowe, Pia Sörensen from Harvard who is helping to shape Science and Cooking, and hugely experienced education leader John Hope.

In this edition Wajiha R Rizvi, of the Film Museum Society Lahore, takes a 40th anniversary retrospective of Peter Davis’ Vietnam era documentary film masterpiece, Hearts and Minds. We are also pleased to introduce to Eye Magazine readers a group of young and emerging academics who are taking interdisciplinary academia into new and exciting places. In this edition I have research articles and essays from Scott Warren, Donna Ruiz y Costello and Wan Yu from Arizona State University, about Chinese communities living on the Mexico-USA Borderlands. University of British Columbia’s Rachel Kwok looks into the world of Junichiro Tanizaki’s Naomi and the modern Japanese woman of the 1920’s. Yoshi Joanna Grote from Kyoto Sangyo University provides a thought provoking insight into those people who live their lives in the ‘Third Culture’.

As Editor, I must give special thanks to my Assistant Editor Lindsay Lafreniere and IAFOR’S Media Manager Thad Pope for their assistance in getting this magazine together and looking so good. Together, Lindsay, Thad and myself are very excited by this particular edition of the magazine. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Michael Liam Kedzlie


Articles include:

Making It So: Using Star Trek to Illustrate Concepts of International Relations
by Joel R. Campbell

Lessons of Leadership Diplomacy: World leader visits and foreign policy
by Craig Mark

The Yasukuni Shrine Debate: Looking At The Other Side
by Rev. Prof. Stuart Picken

At the Tipping Point: Abenomics and Director Training
by Nicholas Benes

Crisis Through a Camera Lens
Paul Lowe’s career as a photojournalist

Chemistry in the Kitchen
Learning about science and cooking with Harvard University

A Step Higher: Experiencing Sir Edmund Hillary’s Influence in Nepal
by Greg O’Carroll

Lessons Learned: The Future of Education is Internationalization
A profile on Dr. John Hope

La Chinesca: A Chinese Community in the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands
by Scott Warren, Donna Ruiz y Costello, and Wan Yu

NatioNILism: Patriotic Nation-less-ness Belonging
by Yoshi Joanna Grote

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