Video: Revisions to the Japanese Constitution with Frank S. Ravitch

Posted: January 8, 2016
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Professor Frank S. Ravitch of Michigan State University College of Law, Conference Chair and Keynote Speaker for The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2016, talks to Professor Dexter Da Silva at last year’s conference, where he was a Featured Presenter.

In this follow-up interview Prof. Da Silva further explores the issues and challenges surrounding the Japanese Constitution, beginning with a discussion about Japanese constitutional reform and how it can effect religious expression, media, and defence in Japan. He explains the controversial case of Prime Minister Abe visiting the Yasukuni Shrine and how this could promote or favour religion within the Japanese government.

Next, Prof. Ravitch examines the public secrets law, or state secrecy law, that can inhibit the media from exploring deep issues. According to Prof. Ravitch, this law can make it more difficult for the media to obtain sources while investigating and reporting.

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