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IAFOR Interviews #16: Motivations, Biases and Punishment – Dr Minoru Karasawa

In his Keynote Presentation at the Asian Conference on Psychology & Behavioral Sciences 2014 (ACP2014) Dr. Minoru Karasawa spoke on the issue of fairness and bias when choosing punitive measures as a form of punishment. In this interview IAFOR Executive Director, Dr. Joseph Haldane, sits down with Dr. Karasawa to continue the discussion on the motives and morals involved in punishment.

Dr. Karasawa’s primary research area has been social cognition, covering various issues such as social categorization, intergroup cognition and emotions, and the role of culture and language in social inferences. He is also heading a research project on the psychological mechanism underlying judgments of responsibility and punitive motives in legal contexts.

Dr. Karasawa was a Keynote Speaker at ACP2014 in Osaka, Japan.

You can find a video of this podcast below:

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