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IAFOR Interviews #31: The Lack of Multiculturalism in the American Literary Canon – Dr A Robert Lee

Prof. Myles Chilton, The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2015 (ACAH2015) Conference Co-Chair, interviews Keynote Speaker, Dr. A. Robert Lee.

Their interview is a follow-up to Dr. A. Robert Lee’s presentation on multicultural writing in America. The conversation starts with a discussion on the concept of power in writing and how power is manifested through the written word. Dr. A. Robert Lee then explains how the American literary canon developed to become largely devoid of ethnic and multicultural representation. They also discuss their ideas on how to reimagine and describe American literature with a focus on multiculturalism and ethnic authors. The interview finishes with a short conversation on globalization and the impact it is having on language and culture.

Dr. Lee is a renowned author and scholar on issues of ethnicity, race and identity in the United States and was a Keynote Speaker at ACAH2015.

You can find a video of this podcast below:

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