Video: “Healthy Children Healthy Minds – Helping Children Succeed Now for a Brighter Future” by Marcel Lebrun

Posted: November 7, 2016
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This workshop is divided into 3 parts:

1. Keeping the Brain and Mind Healthy, which will explore exercise, nutrition, arts stimulation and language development.

2. Challenges to Brain and Mind Health: attention, focus, brain injuries, alcohol and drugs, physical and mental illness, violence and abuse.

3. Strategies for building a healthy brain and mind: mindfulness, purposeful teaching of thinking and cognition, social relationships and healthy emotions, and strategies for healthy well-being.

Many children lead very unhealthy lives due to brain and cognitive dysfunction. What can be more important to the future of humanity than helping our next generation develop their minds in a healthy way? Educators and parents must cultivate healthy minds that are thoughtful, focused on their own and others’ mental, physical and spiritual health as well as the health of other living creatures and the environment locally and around the world. We must cultivate minds that work to improve the welfare of all its citizens. Educators want to see children happily playing outdoors, making friends, eating healthy food and having purpose, drive, motivation and exuding the qualities of honesty and integrity. Instead we are currently bombarded with images of children who are dishonest and lack integrity, who are self-absorbed, who abuse their bodies, who have little to no moral or empathetic capabilities. The goal of the workshop is for the attendee to leave with an extended tool kit of resources that begin supporting all children regardless of where they live in the world.

Marcel Lebrun is Chair of the Department for Educational Leadership, Learning and Curriculum at Plymouth State University, USA. Professor Lebrun has over 35 years of experience in Education, with his involvement ranging from public classroom teaching and special education to clinical mental health counseling. He has worked in a variety of schools in Canada, Haiti, France, and now the USA. Professor Lebrun’s current specialties are working with Special Education students who have emotional and behavior disorders, and leadership and advocacy. He is on the NH Positive Behavior Intervention Leadership team, and in this capacity he has presented over 150 workshops on a variety of topics related to the above disciplines. A long supporter and advocate of community issues, he is also in the process of developing a resource center for special education.

Dr Marcel Lebrun was a Featured Speaker at The IAFOR International Conference on Education – Dubai 2015 (IICEDubai2015).

Information on IAFOR Conferences on Education.

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