Video: Yasukuni Shrine, Constitutional Law and Civil Rights with Frank S. Ravitch

Posted: May 15, 2014
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“The Yasukuni Shrine issue is a really important issue because it has legal, religious, geopolitical but also, Japanese political aspects to it,” said Prof. Frank S. Ravitch, Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2014 Keynote Speaker. “The focus of the talk was no so much on the shrine itself, but on the constitutional issues that visits by the PM of Japan or other high ranking officials raise.”


Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine has 14 war criminals honoured with Japan’s war dead, which makes it a controversial place. Yet, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has officially visited the shrine. Hear more about this and other topics to do with constitutional law in this exclusive interview with Prof. Frank S. Ravitch – Michigan State University College of Law.


Professor Ravitch was a Keynote Speaker at The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion and Philosophy 2014 (ACERP2014).



About Prof. Frank S. Ravitch

Frank S. Ravitch is Professor of Law and the Walter H. Stowers Chair in Law and Religion at the Michigan State University College of Law, and Director of the Kyoto, Japan Summer Program. He is the author of several books: Marketing Intelligent Design: Law And The Creationist Agenda (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2011); Masters Of Illusion: The Supreme Court And The Religion Clauses (NYU Press 2007); Law And Religion, A Reader: Cases, Concepts, And Theory, 2nd Ed. (West 2008) (First Ed. 2004); Employment Discrimination Law (Prentice Hall 2005) (with Pamela Sumners and Janis McDonald); and School Prayer And Discrimination: The Civil Rights Of Religious Minorities And Dissenters (Northeastern University Press, 1999 & paperback edition 2001). Professor Ravitch has also published a number of law review articles addressing U.S. and Japanese constitutional law, law & religion, and civil rights law in leading journals. Moreover, he has written a number of amicus briefs addressing constitutional issues to the United States Supreme Court.


In 2001, Professor Ravitch was named a Fulbright Scholar and served on the Faculty of Law at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. Currently, he directs the Michigan State University College of Law Japan Summer program. Professor Ravitch regularly serves as an expert for print and broadcast media, and speaks on topics related to U.S. Constitutional Law, Japanese Law, and Israeli Law to a wide range of national, international and local organizations. He speaks English, Japanese, and Hebrew.


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