How to Maintain Academic Publication in Difficult Times

Today, November 25, 2021, a round table session was held at The 13th Asian Conference on Education (ACE) and three editors/ associate editors recorded their views on how to be resilient in times of difficulty. They were asked to provide strategies that they have found successful in maintaining their impetus to publish. I thank Pearl Subban, Murielle El Hajj Nahas, and William Frick for their time and commitment in recording their comments and I share some of their tips here with you in this blog.

I hope that some of you were able to attend the session as far more was shared than I am including here.

In no particular order:

    • Structure weekly meetings of the research/publication team to keep you on track each week
    • Allocate time for writing in your schedule
    • Maintain academic contacts by collaborating in research and co-authoring papers
    • Maintain a to-do list of the things that you need to accomplish for publication
    • Set realistic deadlines and keep working towards them
    • Write on a daily basis
    • Prioritise the important things
    • Write notes about where you are up to before finishing a writing session for the day.

We have provided many tips about getting published and maintaining impetus in the past. These are just a few of the tips from the panel members in our session today. It would be helpful to you to consider these ideas, think about new ones, and to look back over the many blog posts as to what might assist you in the future.

Happy writing,

Dr Yvonne Masters
Executive Editor
IAFOR Journal of Education

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