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Planning Ahead: The Undergraduate Education Issue

Welcome to the next blog post. We hope that you are finding the information interesting and relevant to you as you prepare articles for submission. This week’s post is directly applicable to our third 2020 issue. Planning ahead We are currently accepting submissions for our Technology in Education issue, with acceptance of submissions closing on

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Rewriting PhD Research for Journal Publication

This our fourth blog post and I hope that you are remaining healthy in the face of the terrible pandemic that is affecting the daily lives of all of us. We have something different this week. It is aimed primarily at PhD students and recent PhD graduates to assist you in rewriting your research for

Maintaining Impetus in Writing Journal Articles

Hello again and welcome to the third blog post. I hope that you have found the information on Meeting Journal Aims and Scope, and on Avoiding Plagiarism, informative. This post is to encourage you to consider using your time wisely for maintaining impetus in writing journal articles. Write Regularly A common comment from those trying

Avoiding Plagiarism

Welcome to my second blog post. The first post talked about ensuring that your paper fitted the scope of the particular journal that you submitted to. Being out of scope is one of the top two factors in immediate rejection. However, the other factor is even more crucial. You must avoid plagiarism! Plagiarism – Publication

Meeting Journal Aims and Scope

Hi everyone, this is the first post of what I hope will become a regular blog aimed at assisting you with getting published, becoming a reviewer/associate editor/editor, or applying for these positions with the IAFOR Journal of Education. The topics of the blog posts will also be applicable, in the main, to other journals. This

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IAFOR Journal of Education –Technology in Education: New Editor Calls for Papers

As the Scopus indexed IAFOR Journal of Education (JoE) moves into a new era, we are delighted to announce a new issue of the journal on the topic of Technology in Education, and to welcome the newly appointed Editor, Dr Michael Menchaca. Dr Michael Menchaca is a professor in the Department of Learning Design and

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Now Published: IAFOR Journal of Education Volume 8 – Issue 1 – Language Learning in Education

IAFOR Journal of Education Volume 8 – Issue 1 – Language Learning in Education Editor: Dr Melinda Cowart Editor-in-Chief: Dr Yvonne Masters Published: March 01, 2020 ISSN: 2187-0594 https://doi.org/10.22492/ije.8.1 Editor’s Introduction Bilingualism and second language learning occur in virtually every nation. The number of second language learners throughout the world increases regularly prompting educators and