About the Journal

Aims & Scope

The IAFOR Journal of Business & Management publishes articles touching on international, intercultural, innovative and interdisciplinary issues in business management that address challenges and solutions in a complex and rapidly changing environment. The journal editors welcome submissions related to business and management from academics, practitioners and professionals within the field.

Please note that papers already submitted to or published in IAFOR Conference Proceedings are not accepted for publication in any of IAFOR’s journals.

All papers are reviewed equally according to standard peer review processes, regardless of whether or not the authors have attended a related IAFOR conference.

Submission Fee

There is no submission fee for the IAFOR Journal of Business & Management.

Page and Colour Charges

There are no page or colour charges for the IAFOR Journal of Business & Management.

Editorial & Review Process

Following submission of an article, the Editor and Associate Editor review the paper to make sure it aligns with the aims of the journal, as well as with the aims of IAFOR.

If the article does not touch on issues relating to at least two of the key IAFOR goals – interdisciplinary, intercultural and international – the paper is rejected without undergoing peer review.

If the article passes the initial editorial review stage, it is sent for peer review. The review process involves a blind review by two international reviewers. If the reviewers are not in agreement, a third reviewer may be used to break the tie.

Reviewers may request revisions, after which a subsequent review process will be necessary.

The editorial and review process is coordinated by the Editor.