The Changing Nature of the Information Supply Chain

Author: Rodney Beard, International College Beijing – China Agricultural University, China
Published: March 2017

Citation: Beard, R. (2017). The Changing Nature of the Information Supply Chain. IAFOR Journal of Business & Management, 2(1).


Management faces replacement by automated processes. Workflow automation in the information processing sectors of the economy is changing the way information and knowledge workers do their jobs. I consider the changing nature of the information supply chain from the creation of knowledge in firms to the supply of information to consumers. The changing nature of data and the development of data science and machine learning methods that enable the analysis of unstructured data have meant that what was once viewed as tacit knowledge is now just a problem in information processing. The rise of workflow automation in the IT industries and the emergence of the reproducible research movement in the sciences is leading to increased automation of the production of information in both industry and academia and this has profoundly changed the nature of the information supply chain.


information supply chain, knowledge creation, workflow automation, iPaaS, reproducible research