Interview with Charlie Targett-Adams: The Alternative Narratives of PLACEBO: ALT.RUSSIA

Author: Celia Lam, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Published: July 31, 2017

Citation: Lam, C. (2017). Interview with Charlie Targett-Adams: The Alternative Narratives of PLACEBO: ALT.RUSSIA. IAFOR Journal of Media, Communication & Film, 4(1).


The alternative is an almost ubiquitous notion that supports a variety of connotations. In opposition, the alternative presents subversive or resistive possibilities to political or cultural mainstreams. The alternative also represents choice: of direction; or of possibilities. The alternative is thus also innovative, signalling unconventional approaches to the status quo be they artistic, inventive or political. PLACEBO: ALT.RUSSIA (Targett-Adams 2016) explores the untold narrative of Russia’s alternative cultures in an era when global attention is focused on Russia’s politics and international relations. Taking the rare opportunity of documenting the band’s twentieth-anniversary tour of ten Russian cities, the film follows Placebo’s Stefan Olsdal as he encounters artists, architects, and musicians that comprise the creative cultures of Russia’s major cities.

The film is punctuated by personal stories and Placebo’s concerts, revealing the universal power of art. PLACEBO: ALT. RUSSIA has received exposure and prizes at international film competitions and was a category winner at the IAFOR Documentary Film Awards 2016.


alternative narratives, creative cultures, Placebo, Russia, documentary film, rockumentary