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The Internet Human Rights Professor Gerard Goggin

The Internet – History, Human Rights & Potential

Professor Donald E. Hall talks to Professor Gerard Goggin about his research on the internet, how it has become an instrumental part of human rights, and the discussion surrounding it.

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Technology in the Classroom Professor Curtis Ho

Content Creation and Technology in the Classroom

Professor Ted O’Neill sits down with Professor Curtis Ho of University of Hawai’i at Manoa to discuss technology in the classroom, open educational resources and content creation.

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Professor Johannes Moenius Redlands Sustainability Energy Environment

Energy Means the World for the United States

Professor Johannes Moenius outlines risks and opportunities and discusses by how much we can insure ourselves against energy-related risks.

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Dr James McNally NACDA Program on Aging Gerontology

A Message from IAFOR Aging & Gerontology Conference Chair, Dr James McNally

Dr James McNally, Director of the NACDA Program on Aging and IAFOR Aging & Gerontology Conference Chair, discusses IAFOR’s social sciences programme.

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Professor Mimi Bong Educational Psychology Motivational Beliefs

Context-Specific Motivational Beliefs: Determinants of Adolescent Learning & Self-Regulation

In this presentation, Professor Mimi Bong argues for the importance of context-specific motivational beliefs in the self-regulation and academic performance of adolescent learners.

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New Religions and Cults Dr George Chryssides

New Religions and Cults

In this interview, religious scholars Professor Stuart D.B. Picken and Dr George Chryssides discuss the emergence of new religions and cultism.

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Professor Frank S. Ravitch Religious Freedom Sexual Freedom

Freedom’s Edge – Religious Freedom, Sexual Freedom and the Future of Justice in America

“The stakes are high. For one side fundamental justice and human rights are involved. For the other fundamental justice and civil liberties are involved.”

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Professor Stephen Ryan Language Learning JALT

Connections between Psychology and Instruction

In this interview, Professor Stephen Ryan describes his personal experiences in the classroom and the relationship he sees between the hard sciences and natural sciences.

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Brent E. Huffman Medill School of Journalism Saving Mes Aynak

Documentary Journalists on the Front Line

“In this golden age of documentary filmmaking, documentary films now dominate the narrative landscape on television and online bringing in millions of viewers.”

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Professor Fergal Finnegan Maynooth University

Come build in the empty house: Reimagining Democracy and Education in a Time of Change

Dr Fergal Finnegan makes the case that technological change and new political and cultural formations have opened up the possibility of novel and empowering forms of reflexive action.

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IAFOR International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary

IAFOR – International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary

The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) brings together influential academics and decision-makers from around the globe who have one thing in common: a desire to make a difference.

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Professor Steve Cornwell Interdisciplinary Studies Osaka University

Teacher’s Challenges, Accomplishments & Recognition

How are teachers rewarded? What challenges do they face? Who are their role models? Professor Steve Cornwell discusses these issues at The Asian Conference on Language Learning 2014.

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Professor Jay Friedlander Strategic Sustainability Abundant Enterprises

Creating Abundant Enterprises

Professor Jay Friedlander of the College of the Atlantic talks with IAFOR Executive Director, Dr Joseph Haldane about the importance of abundance and sustainability in business.

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Professor Frank S. Ravitch Yasukuni Shrine

Government Officials’ Visits to the Yasukuni Shrine: Constitutional and Ethical Struggles

“Visits to the shrine by government officials create an ethical and cultural struggle for many Japanese, who are surprised to learn of international reaction to the visits, and yet feel deeply committed to avoiding conflict.”

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Dr. Brian Daizen Victoria Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies

War, Zen Buddhism and Academia

Professor Frank S. Ravitch, IAFOR Executive Council Advisory Board Member, sits down for an intriguing and enlightening interview with Dr Brian Daizen Victoria, Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, Japan.

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Professor Jay Friedlander Strategic Sustainability Abundant Enterprises

Strategic Sustainability: Creating Abundant Enterprises

“most business leaders stumble on how to align sustainable tactics to create competitive advantage”. Professor Jay Friedlander discusses strategic sustainability at The Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy & Environment.

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What is Haiku Hana Fujimoto Emiko Miyashita

What is Haiku?

Hana Fujimoto and Emiko Miyashita answer the not so simple question of, “What is haiku?”, before discussing the adoption of haiku by Western poets and the evolution it has seen in Japan and in the West.

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Dr. Amy Szarkowski and Dr. Yukinori Komine Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities CRPD

Soft Power & the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Dr Joseph Haldane discusses soft power & the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) with Dr Amy Szarkowski and Dr Yukinori Komine.

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Lowell Sheppard The HOPE International Development Agency

Individual, Community and Society: Conflict, Resolution and Synergy

Lowell Sheppard, Asia Pacific Director of the HOPE International Development Agency, presents a personal perspective on the makeup of conflict and how it can spark transformation.

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Professor Gary E. Swanson IAFOR Media Mass Communication

Technology: It’s Impact on Media and the Way We Communicate

“From how we eat to how we travel and work to how we entertain ourselves, technology has become an integral part of our day.” Gary E. Swanson discusses the ways technology has changed how we communicate and interact with one another.

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Professor Georges Depeyrot Monetary Historian DAMIN

The DAMIN Program

In his Featured Presentation at The Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities 2014 (ACAH2014) in Osaka, Japan, Professor Georges Depeyrot discusses the work of the DAMIN program.

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The Flynn Effect New Education Paradigm David Passig

The Flynn Effect, Technology and the New Education Paradigm

Though the future may seem bleak, Professor David Passig remains optimistic and confident that human society will continue to evolve into something greater with the aid of future technologies.

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Dr Ernie Ko National Taiwan University of Arts Transparency International

An INGO’s Development and Fission: A Case Study on Transparency International

Dr Ernie Ko offers us a behind the scenes look at the internal politics and personalities of the prominent global NGO, Transparency International.

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Professor John Nguyet Erni Cultural Studies Human Rights

Convergence or Collision – Human Rights with or without Cultural Studies

Professor John Erni considers the conditions of possibility for overcoming the apparent non-correspondence between critical cultural humanism and rights, or between culture and law.

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Diversity in the Workplace Akiko Yoshimoto ACCJ Diversity Summit

Diversity in the Workplace

Ms. Akiko Yoshimoto, Vice-Governor of Aichi Prefecture, Japan, discusses the importance of diversity in the workplace at the ACCJ Chubu Diversity Summit in Nagoya.

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Professor Minoru Karasawa Nagoya University.

Motivations, Biases and Punishment Minoru Karasawa

In this interview, Dr Minoru Karasawa of Nagoya University, Japan, speaks with IAFOR Executive Director, Dr Joseph Haldane, about the issue of fairness and bias when choosing punitive measures as a form of punishment.

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Linda Toyo Obayashi Attorney Mediator Workplace Conflict

Workplace Conflict? Call the Mediator

Linda Toyo Obayashi, Senior Mediation Officer at The World Bank Group, discusses workplace conflict and the evolving interdisciplinary field of conflict resolution.

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Professor Richard J. Roth Northwestern University USA

Journalism and Life in the Middle East

Professor Richard J. Roth of Northwestern University discusses journalism and life in the Middle East with three time Emmy award winner and IAFOR Conference Chair, Professor Gary E. Swanson.

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Professor Minoru Karasawa Nagoya University

Blameworthy Character Invites Harsher Punishment

In his Keynote Presentation at The Asian Conference on Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences 2014 (ACP2014), Dr Minoru Karasawa presents his finding on the effectiveness of punishment in Japanese society.

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IAFOR Technology in the Classroom Professor Ted O'Neill

A Message from IAFOR Technology in the Classroom Conference Chair, Ted O’Neill

Professor Ted O’Neill explains how IAFOR’s conference programmes in technology and education encourage scholars and practitioners to reflect on both the positive and practical implementations of technology in teaching and research.