Author Guidelines

Articles should be submitted through the online submission form in Microsoft Word format. Before submitting your article please ensure that it is prepared in accordance with the Author Guidelines below.

Please note that papers already submitted to or published in IAFOR Conference Proceedings are not accepted for publication in any of IAFOR’s journals.

Articles should be submitted through the online submission form in Microsoft Word format.

Please bear in mind when thinking about submitting to the IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies that typical submissions are about 7,500 words in length. Significantly shorter (or much longer) texts would find it difficult to advance to the publication stage.

Contributors are expected to submit the initial draft of their paper in the IAFOR Journal house style which is APA (the American Psychological Association), for details see Purdue Owl If accepted for publication, the paper’s style will likely be slightly modified to provide consistency across papers. There may also be minor editorial edits to ensure the academic rigour of the language, grammar and spelling. British and American English are both acceptable, but spelling and punctuation conventions should be consistent with the form of English used.

Only papers that demonstrate the following attributes will be accepted:

  • Written in correct and fluent English at a high academic standard;
  • Sufficient reference to the current, worldwide, mainstream literature;
  • Showing sufficient evidence of research (as a research article or comprehensive review);
  • Applicable to the topics covered by the journal. The well-written manuscript should address critical issues and current trends and research in cultural studies. For more information about the Aims and Scope of the Journal, see the About the Journal page.

Contributors whose command of English is not at the level outlined above are responsible for having their manuscript corrected by a native-level, English-speaking academic prior to submitting their paper for publication. These standards are non-negotiable and strictly enforced by the Editorial Board of the journal.

For further information please also view details of the journal review process, copyright and licencing policy, and publication ethics statement.

Download the IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies UPDATED page template HERE.