Incorporating Intercultural Communication Activities in English Language Classes

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Authors: Daniel Velasco, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, USA / Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan
Email: [email protected]
Published: January 19, 2018

Citation: Velasco, D. (2018). Incorporating Intercultural Communication Activities in English Language Classes. IAFOR Journal of Language Learning, 3(2).


Intercultural Communication has become a relevant focal point within a variety of fields – science, psychology, politics, journalism, economics, and education, to name a few. Yet, current university students may not even be aware of Intercultural Communication’s role in these fields, as well as their studies and future careers. A survey was first conducted to show the absence of Intercultural Communication in higher education, as well as the need for incorporating exercises and activities that stress the importance of communicating to people from different cultures, and respecting their differences. Two classes involving intercultural communication activities were then given to two groups of Japanese students who were studying English in a Japanese university. Results from another survey revealed a majority of the students felt the exercises helped them with self-reflection, as well as evaluating their beliefs and biases, thus supporting the notion of incorporating more Intercultural Communication exercises and activities in English language classes.


intercultural communication, cross-cultural communication, second language learning