Spain: For Catalonia!


Christoph Menke, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Alexander Garcia Düttmann, Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
Email: [email protected]
Published: April 6, 2019

Citation: Menke, C., & Düttmann, A. G. (2019). Spain: For Catalonia! IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies, 4(1).


When does the confrontation between the government in Barcelona and the government in Madrid stop being an intra-Spanish issue? When one realises that the task at hand is neither contempt for the constitution nor a backwards-oriented issue of sectionalism that Spain has to suppress. And if one realises that Europe's self-understanding is at stake here, the confrontation becomes an issue of the self-understanding of a European democracy.


Catalonia, democracy, politics, Catalan referendum, Spain, identity

NB: This article was originally published in German in DIE ZEIT (Nr. 44/2017, October 26, 2017. Translation by Alexander Garcia Düttmann, Holger Briel and Michael High.