Psychobilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease in Athens

Michael Tsangaris, University of Piraeu, Greece
Konstantina Agrafioti, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Published: April 4, 2020

Citation: Tsangaris, M., & Agrafioti, K (2020). Psychobilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease in Athens. IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies, 5(1).


The complexity and the bizarre nature of Psychobilly as a music genre and as a music collectivity make it very convenient for reconsidering several views in relation to subcultures, neo-tribes and scenes. More specifically, the case of Greek Psychobilly can categorically present how subcultural trends can be disseminated across gender, social classes and national borders. This study aims to trace historically the scene of Psychobilly in Athens based on typical ethnographic research and analytic autoethnography. The research question is: Which are the necessary elements that can determine the existence of a local music scene? Supported by semi-structured interviews, the study examines how individuals related to the Psychobilly subculture comprehend what constitutes the Greek Psychobilly scene. Although it can be questionable whether there ever was a Psychobilly scene in Athens, there were always small circles in existence into which people drifted and stayed for quite a while, constituting the pure core of the Greek Psychobilly subculture.


psychobilly, music genres, Athens, Post-Subcultural Theory