Comparative Perspectives on Motivations and Values Among Novice Teachers


Margareta M. Thomson, North Carolina State University, USA
Jean-Louis Berger, University of Fribourg; Fribourg, Switzerland

Citation: Thomson, M. M., & Berger, J.-L. (2021). Comparative Perspectives on Motivations and Values Among Novice Teachers. IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences, 7(1).


The current study aims at analyzing and comparing novice teachers’ motivations, values, and beliefs (N=810) from two different countries, namely the United States and Switzerland. Both groups, the US participants (n=327) and the Swiss participants (n=483) were enrolled in a teacher training program in their respective countries. Study results identified the main teaching motivations across all subsamples as related to participants’ personal values, social values, their teaching views, and instructional beliefs. Study results show that while motivational factors were similar at many levels between the two subsamples, their teaching views and their instructional beliefs were different and varied across participants from the two countries. Findings can help educators understanding the interplay between teaching motivations and beliefs as well as cultural nuances related to these concepts.


beliefs, motivations, teachers, values

Erratum: The journal manuscript was edited and replaced on January 2022. Paper number four, "Comparative Perspectives on Motivations and Values Among Novice Teachers", was found to have errors in the reference list. This is now corrected.