A Leadership Intervention Targeting Job Satisfaction Among ABA Practitioners


Mitze Burnett, California Southern University, USA
Casey Mace Firebaugh, Central Washington University, USA
Stephanie M. Morgan, Antioch University, USA
Email: Smorgan7@antioch.edu
Published: January 20, 2023

Citation: Burnett, M., Firebaugh, C. M., & Morgan, S. M. (2023). A Study on Compassionate and Self-Image Goals in relation to Academic Resilience among Undergraduate Students. IAFOR Journal of Psychology & the Behavioral Sciences, 8(2). https://doi.org/10.22492/ijpbs.8.2.05


Organizational culture shapes workplace dynamics and employee relations. Leaders contribute to this by setting the parameters for behavioral expectations and modeling them. In this pilot study, it was hypothesized that a motivational email would increase job satisfaction and increase completion rates of clinical notes. Pretest posttest T-tests were performed to determine significant differences between scores in the experimental and control group. The results indicated a significant difference in job satisfaction when receiving a positive motivational email. The completion of clinical notes increased and there was a significant difference in completing clinical notes when receiving a positive motivational email. The findings of this study aligned with the current literature available on the topic of employee job satisfaction. Using these findings to make shifts in the way an organization operates and provides a positive work environment for their employees will yield happier employees who have a higher level of performance.


applied behavioral analysis, leadership in psychology, job satisfaction, organizational culture

Erratum: This paper was reuploaded on March 21, 2023 after the order of the authors was changed. Mitze Burnett with moved from the second to the first author, and Stephanie M. Morgan was moved from the first to the third author.