Awareness and Utilization of E-Resources to Support Academic and Research Activities

Shahzadi Humbhi, University of Balochistan, Pakistan
Shabbir Tareen, Law & Parliamentary Affairs Department Balochistan, Pakistan
Abdul Raheem, University of Balochistan, Pakistan
Alia Humbhi, Government Inter College Match Balochistan, Pakistan
Published: November 24, 2023

Citation: Humbhi, S., Tareen, S., Raheem, A., & Humbhi, A (2023). Awareness and Utilization of E-Resources to Support Academic and Research Activities. IAFOR Journal of Literature & Librarianship, 12(2).


In the 21st century, the widespread adoption of ICT had a profound influence on every aspect of human life. The impact of modern technology has compelled libraries such as public, academic, research, and special to actively embrace the integration of new technologies for cost savings in operations and management of collections. In this era, Libraries are frequently using electronic resources to give teachers and students worldwide improved services for their research and educational activities. Basically, resources are electronic representations of information that are accessible through electronic systems and computer networks. Therefore, the current study needs to examine both students and faculty awareness and utilization towards E-resources. The quantitative research method was used, while using a closed-ended questionnaire. Moreover, for the collection of data a probability sampling method (random sampling method) was used. The data was examined using descriptive and inferential statistics to calculate frequencies and percentages and to discover correlations between variables. The findings revealed that the majority of the faculty demonstrated familiarity with E-resources, somehow, students’ familiarity level is low. Several obstacles were also highlighted in this study that prevent teachers and students from effectively using E-resources. Such obstacles included energy crises, slow speed of internet, and lack of trainings /orientations while accessing and utilizing E-resources. Based on the findings, it is recommended that improvements should be made in the provision of internet facilities, proper power supply and provide trainings in the institutions, to aware about the use of E-resources. This will encourage the utilization of E-resources in the institutions.


e-resources, awareness, utilization, faculty, students, University of Balochistan