Healthy Children, Healthy Minds: Creating a Brighter Future

Author: Marcel Lebrun, Plymouth State University, United States of America
Published: September 2015

Citation: Lebrun, M. (2015). Healthy Children, Healthy Minds: Creating a Brighter Future. IAFOR Journal of Education, 3(2).


Children struggle with life today. Being children in the 21st century is both taxing and exciting and yet trying to cope with all of the technology and media that surrounds them. How do we as adults provide good models? Mindfulness, exercise, focus and attention, healthy living strategies need to play a role in shaping healthy children. Educators need to become well versed in strategies that both teach short and long term behaviors that will sustain healthy living and healthy minds. Children are the future and what kind of adult do we want running our countries and the world. The article provides many strategies for educators and parents to guide children in making choices that are both empowering and allow them the flexibility to be children.


exercise, children, mindfulness, media, focus, attention, healthy living