An Analysis of Creative Process Learning in Computer Game Activities Through Player Experiences

Author: Wilawan Inchamnan, Dhurakij Pundit University, Thailand
Published: September 1, 2016

Citation: Inchamnan, W. (2016). An Analysis of Creative Process Learning in Computer Game Activities Through Player Experiences. IAFOR Journal of Education, 4(2).


This research investigates the extent to which creative processes can be fostered through computer gaming. It focuses on creative components in games that have been specifically designed for educational purposes: Digital Game Based Learning (DGBL). A behavior analysis for measuring the creative potential of computer game activities and learning outcomes is described. Creative components were measured by examining task motivation and domain-relevant and creativity-relevant skill factors. The research approach applied heuristic checklists in the field of gameplay to analyze the stage of player activities involved in the performance of the task and to examine player experiences with the Player Experience of Need Satisfaction (PENS) survey. Player experiences were influenced by competency, autonomy, intuitive controls, relatedness and presence. This study examines the impact of these activities on the player experience for evaluating learning outcomes through school records. The study is designed to better understand the creative potential of people who are engaged in learning knowledge and skills during the course while playing video games. The findings show the creative potential that occurred to yield levels of creative performance within game play activities to support learning. The anticipated outcome is knowledge on how video games foster creative thinking as an overview of the Creative Potential of Learning Model (CPLN). CPLN clearly describes the interrelationships between principles of learning and creative potential, the interpretation of the results is indispensable.


creative potential, learning model, digital game based learning, player experience, game, creative component