Human Resource Management Strategies and Teacher’s Efficiency within Schools: A Co-relational Study

Author: Kiran Hashmi, Notre Dame Institute of Education, Pakistan
Published: February 2014

Citation: Hashmi, K. (2014). Human Resource Management Strategies and Teacher’s Efficiency within Schools: A Co-relational Study. IAFOR Journal of Education, 2(1).


The aim of the paper is to study Human Resource Management and Development (HRMD) strategies and their effect on teachers’ efficiency within the Catholic Board of Education (CBE) schools of Pakistan whose teachers are graduates in educational leadership courses from a private teacher education institutes in Karachi. The study endeavored to build a simple theoretical and conceptual framework where the effectiveness of HRMD strategies in educational leadership were studied to explore their impact on enhancing teachers’ efficiency. Leadership education is a relatively a new field of study in the Pakistani education and the concept of Human Resource Management (HRM) is regarded as novel and its effective usage is rarely seen. HRM strategies if effectively utilized may become a source of developing a transparent performance management system, a collaborative and cooperative environment in the schools and of promoting teachers’ efficiency in the areas of knowledge, values, skills and development as professionals as well as enhancing a school’s productivity and improving its overall performance. A survey methodology was adopted for the current research with purposive sampling to select 50 research participants and a questionnaire was used for data collection using an attitudinal scale. The results of the study revealed firstly that no relationship exists between the organization of the school and the newly acquired knowledge and skills of HRM. The school leaders are unaware of the various functions and strategies which are necessary to promote teachers’ efficiency. Secondly, the study showed that some of the educational leaders are striving to meet the educational requirements of the times and to face challenges while using the learnt strategies of HRM to promote teachers’ efficiency for the improvement of their particular schools.


human resource management and development, teachers’ efficiency, Pakistan