The GoldList Notebook Method: A Study on L2 Vocabulary Learning



Author: John Duplice, Sophia University, Japan
Email: [email protected]
Published: May 27, 2022

Citation: Duplice, J. (2022). The GoldList Notebook Method: A Study on L2 Vocabulary Learning. IAFOR Journal of Education, 10(1).


Vocabulary knowledge is of paramount importance when learning a second language. It requires effective and practical classroom vocabulary learning methods for long-term acquisition. Specific learning aspects helping the learner remember vocabulary such as spaced repetition and retrieval practice have shown efficacy but are often disconnected from practical in-class methods that can be used repeatedly. This study looked at data from 74 university students in Japan studying English vocabulary with the GoldList Notebook Method, which incorporates spaced learning and retrieval practice. The study was conducted over a nine-week period and consisted of a pre-test of target L2 idioms, a lesson teaching the idioms, the implementation of the GoldList Notebook Method, and a post-test on the target idioms. The data collected were analyzed through fixed effects with a generalized linear model in R version 4.0.3 and R Studio 1.2.5. In addition to quantitative data collected through the pre- and post-tests, qualitative observational data was compiled on the use of the GoldList Notebook Method in the classroom. The findings showed efficacy in using the method and found particular merit to spaced learning over two-week intervals. The study further addresses problems teachers may face implementing the method in the classroom and possible ways to alleviate the issues.


desirable difficulties, L2 vocabulary, retrieval, spacing