Effects of Gamified Learning on Students of Different Player Traits in Malaysia


Mageswaran Sanmugam, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia
Anurita Selvarajoo, Nottingham University Malaysia
Jeya Amantha David, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia
Email: mageswaran@usm.my
Published: December 18, 2021

Citation: Sanmugam, M., Selvarajoo, A., & David, J. A. (2021). Effects of Gamified Learning on Students of Different Player Traits in Malaysia, 9(6). https://doi.org/10.22492/ije.9.6.05


Diversified learning is the path to supplement students’ needs in the contemporary generation. These students’ lives have revolved around technology since birth; as such, the role of technology cannot be ignored. Furthermore, this was prevalent during the lockdown imposed by the global pandemic which compelled the incorporation of educational technology into student’s lives. As gamification harnesses the power of game elements, identifying how gamified learning affects a student’s game player traits will be vital in identifying whether specific learning methods can invoke, change and cultivate better learning outcomes. This quasi-experimental study involving two groups of students learning computer science in Malaysia was carried out over eight weeks. Findings revealed that most prevalent player traits changes were evident in the primary construct of social player traits, followed by subconstructs of customization, relationship, socializing, and mechanics. These changes are attributed to the need to reach out, communicate, and collaborate with their peers and look into how the system works for them individually, within the context of the learning and explorative needs of students. As such, gamified learning has not only managed to offer a new paradigm into the learning ecosystem but has also shown that positive changes can be cultivated based on these conditions.


educational technology, gamification, diversified learning, learning ecosystem